Half Marathon Training Schedule

Half Marathon Running Tips

Why A Free Half Marathon Training Schedule Might Not Work For You

There are many free half marathon training schedules on the internet. However there are a few quite major flaws with most of them. Find out what these are here...

Half Marathon Training - 5 Golden Rules

A half marathon isn't just a warm up for the main event... the marathon. So give it the respect it deserves and follow these 5 half marathon training golden rules...

Training For a Half Marathon - Learn Your Craft To Get The Fastest Results

Training for a half marathon is very different to most other sporting activities. In order to be a successful half marathon runner you need to...

Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Experienced or intermediate runners should have progressed way beyond the basics, but new runners will need a half marathon training schedule for beginners.

A Good Half Marathon Training Program - The Secret To Your Success

If you want to successfully run a half marathon, you’re going to need a structured, well balanced and effective half marathon training program to follow.

How To Train For A Half Marathon


So you’ve done it again, you’ve set yourself a fitness target (to run a half marathon) and a completion date (the race itself) and you’re ready to get going. But do you really know how to train for a half marathon?


Time Saving Tips For Your Training Schedule For A Half Marathon

One of the biggest challenges you'll face when following a training schedule for a half marathon is a lack of time. Here are some great tips to beat it...

The Nuts and Bolts of a Good Half Marathon Schedule

If you’re planning to run a half marathon anytime soon, you’ll need a half marathon schedule to guide you through the ups and downs of your journey... from your first tentative steps through to your final triumphant strides over the finishing line...

Half Marathon Training For Beginners

Half marathon training for beginners should be totally different to the approach used by an experienced runner. A beginner will be starting with a very low level of fitness...

A Half Marathon Training Guide To Eating Your Way To Success

One of the most important factors responsible for providing you with the energy you need and the building blocks to repair damaged muscle cells is proper nutrition!

How Long Is A Half Marathon?

A half marathon race is a challenging event and a very rewarding one to complete, but exactly how long is a half marathon? Find out here...

Half Marathon Pace - Getting It Right For You


If you’re training for your first race, your half marathon pace will be an important factor. But just how do you work out a half marathon pace that‘s right for you?


How To Run A Good Half Marathon

There are a number of factors that will have an effect on your race, but perhaps the key question of how to run a good half marathon can be answered quite simply by the words – ‘preparation...preparation...preparation.