Half Marathon Training Schedule

A Half Marathon Training Guide To Eating Your Way To Success

Obviously any good quality half marathon training guide will prepare you physically and mentally, but what many will miss out is possibly one of the most important factors responsible for providing you with the energy you need and the building blocks to repair damaged muscle fibres... the right nutrition!

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Half Marathon Training Guide
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As your training progresses, so too does the demand for the right kinds of foods and nutrients, especially on your more challenging running days.

Check out these 5 nutritional golden rules that every half marathon training guide should contain...

Leave A Gap Between Eating And Running

One of the worst feelings you can have especially when doing a longer run is when your stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. This happens when you’re last meal is still being broken down and absorbed. There’s nothing worse than feeling sickly or that you need the toilet half way through a 10 miler!

Get Enough Water

This can be quite a challenge to know how much you need. The simple way is to just sip small amounts regularly throughout your run. The more scientific way is to weigh yourself before and then again after your run. For every pound you lose, you need to replace with half a litre of fluid. So if you’ve been out for a 30 minute run and you weigh half a pound less, you need to drink quarter of a litre of fluid during your next 30 minute run.

Carb Up Before Your Long Runs

Running regularly increases your body’s need for carbohydrates. If you don’t get enough stored in the muscles, your performance may well suffer. It’s a good idea to have a high carbohydrate meal 2-3 hours before you run.

Eat Plenty Of Fresh Fruit And Veg

When you demand more from your body the way regular running does, you need to ensure that you are providing it with enough of all nutrients, but especially vitamins and minerals. You can easily do this by ensuring that you are getting your minimum of 5 portions a day.

Boost Your Recovery

Research has proven time and again that eating within 20 minutes of exercising has a massive effect on your ability to recover and recharge afterwards. At this time the body is far more responsive to the foods you eat. You need to ensure that the meal you consume provides you with both carbohydrates to refuel the muscles and protein to repair and regenerate the damaged muscle cells.

A few good choices could be rice and chicken, a peanut butter sandwich, pasta with tuna or just a glass of milk and a few oat cakes.

Get yourself a good half marathon training guide to help you get your nutrition just right as well as your training and the effects on your fitness and recovery levels will be dramatic.

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