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Picture of Jago HolmesHi my name is Jago Holmes. I'm a certified fitness expert and director of New Image Fitness Ltd, a personal training company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

I am also the author and creator of 'Half Marathon Training For Beginners' - a complete training guide designed for new runners that want to be able to build up their fitness and stamina levels to be able to run a half marathon in the shortest possible time. 

I have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years now, and a fully qualified personal trainer for the last 10 years. My company is based from our own tailor made fitness studio, which has been built specifically for training clients on a one to one basis.

I'm very proud of the results we achieve with our clients and the success rate of my eBooks.

Expert authorI am an expert author for ezinearticles.com and have written many newspaper and magazine articles for local press as well as creating a range of digital eBooks and weight loss packages. I regularly present weight loss seminars as well as running my acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge'.

I completed my studies at the University of Leeds, where I attained the YMCA Personal Trainer Award - considered to be one of the most challenging and comprehensive courses available in the industry.

I work with clients every day, it's something I feel very lucky to do and a job I'm passionate about and enjoy doing. I love seeing the results that helping my clients brings. To see someone’s life change so much because they've become fit and healthy is a wonderful experience and one I feel very privileged to able to witness every day of my working life.


Being personal trainers we obviously get many clients coming to us that want to start running and the driving force behind this is often the thought of running a half marathon or other road race.


But when new runners start training on their own, they usually do so without any real purpose or direction. Without any clear goals and targets, it's very rare that anyone will ever keep going long enough to see any real progress and changes in their fitness and endurance levels.


This is why I created 'Half Marathon Training For Beginners.' I wanted to design a system so that my clients could see results fast but that also meant that every spare waking hour didn't have to be devoted to running. I designed a program that fitted in to the every day lives of my clients.


It took me over a year to research and write this running program...


But it has been a labour of love. I've enjoyed writing it very much. I've tried to cram in as much of my experience, knowledge and findings from the years of in the trenches working with clients that I can.


Using the experience I've gained over the years and with the help of a number of clients who were training for a half marathon, I tested, refined and improved the system until I finally created the PERFECT solution 


As a result I think I've created a very comprehensive and informative running program, that not only saves you time but also money. Working with a personal trainer isn't cheap, so using my system is the next best thing.


'Half Marathon Training For Beginners' is a simple solution for any runner who wants to run a half marathon whilst avoiding all the potential problems all beginners face when starting to run.



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