Half Marathon Training Schedule

A Good Half Marathon Training Program - The Secret Behind Your Success

If you want to successfully run a half marathon, you’re going to need a structured, well balanced and effective half marathon training program to follow.


 The Ultimate Guide to Half Marathon Training For Beginners... 

5 Simple Schedules
 - An Easy Step By Step Running Plan

Half Marathon Training Program
Want To Discover How You Can -

  • Run Further  
  • Breathe Easier  
  • Avoid Stopping and...  
  • Feel Stronger -  

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Any journey needs a final destination and a direction to head towards so you can get there safely and in the fastest possible time.

Just as a road map provides guidance when you’re setting off on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been before,a good half marathon training program provides the information you need to get you to your first race safely and quickly.

But all training programs are not created equal.


Gone are the days when our schools simply taught children to repeat what they heard without understanding the reasons behind it. The same is true with sport, health, fitness and weight loss. You stand much more chance of actually achieving anything if you know what you should be doing and why.


So here’s what a good program should contain: - 

  • Advanced running techniques, so you can make the fastest possible progress.  
  • Dietary advice, so you can supply your body with the best fuel available which will ensure you perform as well as you can. 
  • A structured progressive running schedule which also tapers during the last 2 or 3 weeks.  
  • Information about what injuries you’re likely to suffer from and which ones can be easily avoided or treated at home.  
  • A system for programming your mind so you stay focussed and positive through the difficult days. 

A good running program shouldn’t only contain: - 


A chart of days, with lists of times or distances for you to run each day. THIS WILL NOT help you to run a half marathon at all. 

If you want to know more about training for a half marathon, then my new half marathon running guide ‘Half Marathon Training For Beginners' is an excellent choice...

You’ll find it a great resource to help you plan your training but also it's a fantastic reference guide for the times when you need inspiration and new ideas to make your workouts more interesting.

If you think you’d be a better runner if you knew...

  • What to eat and when  
  • How, why and when to train so you get fitter, stronger and more confident 
  • What to do to avoid picking up niggling injuries  
  • How to build up to race day distance in the shortest amount of time  

Then you need ‘Half Marathon Training for Beginners’ – A half marathon training schedule which gets you results – FAST.