Half Marathon Training Schedule

Half Marathon Pace - Getting It Right For You!

If you’re training for your first race, your half marathon pace will be an important factor.


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Half Marathon Training
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But just how do you work out a half marathon pace that‘s right for you?

Don’t worry, it’s actually very simple. You won’t suddenly decide what pace you’ll be running at, it will gradually evolve throughout the course of your training.

For a first time half marathon runner, this is how it should work:


You start your training, gradually building up your distances and the speeds that you can run at. At this point you shouldn’t be concerned with the pace you are running at, you are simply building and improving your stamina.


You are now at the point where you can comfortably run every session. Because simply keeping going is no longer an issue, you now need to set yourself new targets.

Some of the most obvious ones are to run certain distances or to keep track of your speed. You can monitor your running speed by using a GPS wrist watch to give you exact times per mile/kilometer or using an advanced pedometer or by measuring the distance in a car beforehand.

Once you know your average running pace per mile, you can then start to work on this.


At this point you are an accomplished runner and can comfortably run over 5 miles. Now you need to start planning for the race. You need to work out a comfortable running speed for you that you can then continue to build up to the 13.1 miles of a half marathon race.

Your half marathon pace should be comfortable enough so you’re able to hold a conversation, you feel warmer and your breathing rate increases, but not getting to the stage where you need to stop due to fatigue.

13.1 miles is a long way if you use sudden bursts of speed which quickly take it out of your body. You need to maintain a comfortable, steady pace throughout the race.

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