Half Marathon Training Schedule

Why A Free Half Marathon Training Schedule Might Not Work For You!

What Is A Half Marathon Training Schedule?

Basically it’s a running chart of days and times or distances that you need to run. It should include strategically placed rest days and a gradual progression through the early and middle stages with a tapering off at the end.

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Half Marathon Training Schedule
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I’ve included some links to the most popular ones at the bottom of this page.

There are many free half marathon training schedules available on a number of websites which will do this job adequately for you. However there are a few quite major flaws with most of them.

Every Half Marathon Training Schedule Is Not Created Equal!

Let me give you an example... Imagine you joined a gym and the instructor takes you around and shows you how to do a range of exercises and then gives you a workout program to follow which is designed to help you to tone up.

It includes exercises that work your chest, shoulders, arms, hamstrings etc. But there’s one problem with this, you only know how to do the exercises that he’s just shown you how to do. What happens if one of the machines you’re supposed to use is broken or there’s a queue to use it... what then.

Would you be able to pick another exercise to do that works that same area?

That’s the problem you have with most FREE running plans, you’ll only get a skeleton view of what you need to know. The real meat of the matter and what you need to understand in order to be able to rearrange and personalise your own training program just doesn’t get mentioned.

Most FREE Half Marathon Training Schedules Don’t Really Work

Unless you know what you're doing you won't progress as quickly as you could and because of this you won’t feel the benefits of getting stronger and fitter fast enough.

When you don’t feel to be getting anywhere, it’s very hard to stay motivated and focused.

The fastest way to get fit AND to reduce the chances of over training and injury is to use a variety of advanced training techniques which rapidly boost fitness levels. But this takes expertise to learn and understand fully.

Once you’ve got this though, your fitness and stamina levels will go through the roof.

So What’s The Answer?

What you need to do is learn your craft. No I’m not saying you need to be able write a thesis on it, but it will help you hugely to have a working knowledge of what it is that you’re trying to do and how to go about doing it effectively.

If you need some help with this then my NEW ‘Half Marathon Training For Beginners’ running program could be the perfect solution for you.

You’ll find it a great resource to help you plan your training but also it's a fantastic reference guide for the times when you need inspiration and new ideas to make your workouts more interesting.

Don't you think you’d be a better runner if you knew...

  • What to eat and when  
  • How, why and when to train so you get fitter, stronger and more confident 
  • What to do to avoid picking up niggling injuries  
  • How to build up to race day distance in the shortest amount of time  

If so, you need ‘Half Marathon Training for Beginners’ – A half marathon training schedule which gets you results – FAST.

Whilst I may have spent the last few minutes telling you how most giveaway running plans don't work, they do provide you with one vital service... they give you a plan to follow and EVERYONE needs a plan.

Here’s the links to a few free half marathon training schedules I mentioned earlier...