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How To Run A Good Half Marathon

There are a number of factors that will have an effect on your race, but perhaps the key question of how to run a good half marathon can be answered quite simply by the words – ‘preparation...preparation...preparation.’


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I’ve said that 3 times so you don’t miss it.


The key to enjoying any sport or activity and doing your best is to practice beforehand.


For a tennis player that involves playing a lot of tennis and working on weak points, like a bad serve or a weak volley, or a golfer may work on his putting.


As a runner, there aren’t that many factors to consider. Certainly if your chosen race contains any hills then you’d certainly need to practice those, alternatively if it’s an off road race then you’d need to simulate that in your training.


Obviously you have to be able to run the distance, so I’d advise at least one training run where you’ve completed the race distance, a little more if possible. This shouldn’t be too close to race day,


I’d recommend leaving at least a couple of weeks gap between your longest run and the race itself. This will allow your body time to fully recover in between.


Psychologically the long run is a good idea, because this leaves nothing to chance. You’ve already proved to yourself that you can go that far... anything we truly believe, we can achieve.


How to run a good half marathon will also depend on if you’re prepared nutritionally. Have you filled your own petrol tank with energy giving nutrients or stuffed it full of energy sapping junk, which only serves to weigh you down and zap your energy stores.


A diet high in quality complex carbohydrates is the best source of fuel for endurance events. Foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, oats and other grains are the best choices as they serve as a great energy supply for distance running.


Avoid anything high protein or high in fat prior to the race as these may not fully digest in time leading to feeling sick or nauseous.


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