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Press releases are another good technique to use for getting FREE marketing. This type of promotion is also very effective at getting lots of targeted traffic.

A press release has the perception of being far more genuine and trustworthy than an advert. This is because press releases are seen as more credible than regular advertising due to their objective and newsworthy tone.


A good idea is to post a well crafted press release once a month for your recommendation for Half Marathon Training For Beginners at PRweb.com or any of the other press release publishers listed below, just make sure you include your affiliate link.


Most press release websites are free, and will produce very quick results, but you can pay for faster and more widespread coverage from some of these services.

Here are a few of the places that you can publish your press releases –






























The following article gives you the basic outline that you need to follow when creating your own press releases about ‘Half Marathon Training For Beginners'…



How To Write A Good Press Release


Writing a good, and effective press release is a crucial part of any media campaign, within this article I will give you some pointers as to how this can be achieved and ensure that the press pay attention. First to begin with the basics:


What is a Press Release?


A press release is exactly what it says it is, it's a piece of news that has been prepared in a particular format for a journalists attention, most follow a set structure of…


Header, Header line, Lead, Body copy, Boilerplate


How to Write a Press Release?


The first and most important step is deciding the reason you are writing your release, summarise your thoughts before you begin writing and keep it short and simple.


Imagine that you are the journalist receiving your email, you would not want to trawl through pages and pages of information before the point was put across, that is why press releases are normally no longer than one page long. Print the words "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" in the top left-hand margin in all caps.


This information is to be followed with your contact details, such as:


- name
- title
- address
- phone number
- email address.


Write a headline and center it in bold type just above the first line of the body of the press release. Headlines typically highlight the most important, significant or shocking fact in the release.


Create a dateline - the starting line of the body of your press release - that includes the city where the release is generated and the date.


Make certain the first paragraph includes all the vital information, when writing a press release I always think of the 4 W's:


- Who
- What
- Where
- Why


You should finish the last paragraph with a "for additional information" line, and then Center these marks, " # # #" or "-30-", at the bottom of the page to indicate the end of your release, this is an industry standard and shows that you are not a novice when it comes to writing.


Now comes the hard part


Who Do You Send Your Newly Written Release To?


You need to ensure that the journalist you are writing to covers the subject matter that you have written about, if a journalist keeps getting bombarded with emails that are of no relevance to them they will quickly become disheartened and the publication may ignore any future requests or releases from yourself.


Another point to keep in mind is your contact list, if you are starting out in the world of press releases you may not already have contacts, one option that quickly solves this is to hire a PR company, this is expensive and often not very effective for a small newly started business.


There are a number of people selling packages who will give you complete lists of media contacts, this again comes with many problems:


Sometimes the data is out of date, and sometimes they are just for small independent media outlets, yeah they will publish your information but they are so small it doesn't make the slightest of difference.


I offer tips, advice and contacts for anyone wishing to either send out their own press releases, or start their own PR agency


Read my blog here: http://press-release-data-base.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Claude_Knighte



If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.


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