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Using Banner Adverts To Send Traffic 



Banner adverts can be a good way of attracting the attention of passing visitors.


I don’t recommend that you purely use a banner advert without any other relevant copy in the hope that it will generate sales for you because it doesn't usually work this way.


However if you include a banner advert in a page that has plenty of good quality content and clearly states the benefits of using the program, then clickthroughs and sales will be much higher.


There are many ways to improve clickthroughs when using banner adverts, but perhaps the most important factor is to place the banner in the right place on the page.


Often the best positions to display banner adverts are at the top middle or top right of a webpage, but you should experiment and see where you get the best results for your own particular website.


Please upload these banners to your own servers to use on your web site instead of linking to them from your website.


To do this simply take the following steps…


1) First, find the image you want to use and then right click on it and select ‘save as’ to save in a file on your computer. (Remember to name the image file and save it in a place on your computer where you can easily find it later)


2) Then place the image on your website.

3) Next, upload the image to your web server.

4) Finally you need to use your Clickbank hoplink to link to the banner advert so that visitors can be sent through to the HalfMarathon-Training website and you can make a commission on any sales made.


If you haven't already created your own Clickbank affiliate hoplink, you can find out about how to do it here - Step 2


Here's a collection of the most popular banners in a range of shapes and sizes.


Please don't forget to add your hoplink to the image once you've placed it on to your website otherwise you won't get the commission.



Banner 1


Banner 2


 Banner 3



Banner 4


Banner 5 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Jago Holmes,
Author and affiliate manager

‘Half Marathon Training For Beginners’


email: jago@halfmarathon-training.com